ETHICAL TRADE INITIATIVE:  Bribery and corruption continues to create an uneven playing field in trade and commerce, which exacerbate supply chain risks. The implications from these unethical practices impact communities whose livelihoods are tied to the environment and lead to labor abuses and occupational health and safety risks to workers.  Hollandia Dairy is committed to improve labor standards, reduce negative environmental impacts and ensure our businesses operate in an ethical manner. Such modifications not only benefits workers by providing fair and predictable wages, safe working conditions with the opportunity to raise concerns, and leads to a more effective work place for all.



Our History — The de Jong Family

The Hollandia Dairy story began in 1949 when Mr. and Mrs. Arie de Jong and their 10 children settled in Poway. They came from Holland where Mr. de Jong had been in the dairy business. Their worldly possessions were few and included a total of $32.00 cash. From this humble beginning, Hollandia Dairy was to get its start.

One year later, the family bought a dairy on the corner of Felicita and Highway 395 (now Centre City Parkway) in Escondido. Sales at the "Cash & Carry" were about $8.00 per day.

The greatest strength of Hollandia Dairy was its family unity. Everyone worked for the growth and development of the dairy. The same family unity continues to this day, adding strength and direction to the dairy. As a result, Hollandia Dairy remains today, as one of the oldest independent producer and distributor dairies in the state of California.

Our Delivery Area

Hollandia Dairy delivers fresh milk and by-products to all of San Diego County, Orange County, and portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.


There is more to putting Hollandia Dairy products on the table than you might think. It's the people behind our business who make it happen. If you feel you have what it takes to be part of our team, please click the link to apply online.

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