Since 1950, family-owned and operated Hollandia Dairy has been in beautiful San Diego County, producing, processing and distributing our award winning, farm fresh milk and nutritional dairy products to the families of Southern California.

Hollandia Dairy added a distribution center in Riverside County in order to provide our Inland Empire customers increased access to our products.

While many will argue that "milk is milk" — the Hollandia way of doing business is the difference you can taste and see. From farm fresh milk, to our on-time delivery of the freshest dairy products available, Hollandia Dairy continues to be the quality supplier of choice!


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People expect dairy to be wholesome, fresh and delicious. They want it natural. Hollandia Dairy has been delivering just that for over 60 years. Hollandia Dairy is authentic and pure, setting the standard of quality and maintaining it like no one else.

"From our cows to you...Naturally!™" is our way of doing business, a 100 percent commitment to quality and service. It's this wholesome tradition that we share with you, our customers, communities, friends and neighbors.