Cheesy Potato Salad

A quick n’ easy fix for those neighborhood get-togethers. A potato salad that is real crowd pleaser and sure to stir up some compliments.

1 cup of Hollandia Dairy Sour Cream
2 ½ lbs. of cut, red potatoes 
½ cup mayonnaise
¼ cup sugar
½ a bunch of green onions
1 cup cheddar cheese, grated
1 tbsp. bacon bits

Place the potatoes in a pot, and cover with sufficient water.  Boil for 10 minutes or until tender. Drain and cool potatoes. In a large bowl, combine Hollandia Dairy Sour Cream, mayonnaise, sugar, and half of the onions and the half of the cheese. 

With a lot care, mix in with the already chilled potatoes. Cover salad with remaining onions and cheese, and sprinkle the bits of bacon to finish. (Serves 5)